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NEW for 2021

From the hearts of children comes a delightful book of Conversations with Santa!







On 'Conversations with Santa!'

"I love this book! It is a great read! It reveals the innocence in a child's heart and the love and trust they have in Santa." Armando Gutierrez, Oregon

"I love it! My husband and I bought several "Conversations With Santa" to give our closest friends last year for Christmas." Cindy Garris, Texas

"What a magical book! I wish I was younger so I could come sit on your lap, Santa. Peggy Stanley, Georgia

"What a very sweet special book. I look forward to curling up next to the fireplace and diving back into it this evening." Jeffry Angelo, Texas

"I read your book.! I really enjoyed it! It made me laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. We have a Santa at the mall close to us that has been there for years and you must be the same kind of Santa." Ronnie Ellingson, Utah

"You've found some real gold nuggets there." Jon Loshinsky, Texas

"Hi Santa Kevin, I received your book and button today. I started reading it immediately and am enjoying it alot." Kaye Jeffrey, Texas


























"Conversations with Santa"

FREE Reindeer Button with purchase of book by Thanksgiving 2021!

A gift from the heart of children, and a treasure to own! Sure to be on the North Pole Times 'Best Seller List.' Curtis T. Elf

'Conversations with Santa' is a delightfully fun book about the things children say to Santa, inspiring the imagination and giving a fresh look at the importance of Christmas to each one of us.

'Conversations with Santa' will open your eyes to the wonders and the hopes of children (and even a few adults). From one boy's seven-page list to a little girls only request: to "know what Santa wants for Christmas;" and from one young woman's hope for an engagement ring to a memorable dinner with Santa for two girls.

You just never know what is going to happen next. Truth is stranger than fiction. This is one book you will enjoy all the way through and be telling your friends about. As one girl who came to see Santa said: "Surprise me!"

You will be!

$16.95 with shipping*

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*A Gift that Gives Back

10% of all profits go directly to support orphaned children and adoptions.






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