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Santa Vin*

It happened this way one October afternoon many years ago. I was visiting my good friend and elf, Rick Smith at his Double R Reindeer Ranch. Rick has six reindeer which he cares for with great love. They are Dasher and Dancer, Comet and Cupid, Donder and Blitzen.

As we watched the reindeer run and play, we talked about the joys of being Santa. Being Santa is a wondrous gift to all: to Santa himself and to the children who come to see him. Children come with all sorts of expectations. Over the years, I have met over 85,000 children. The long lists, the smiles and laughter, the hopes and dreams — all are blessings. I came to love the children in a way that even surprised me. It is as much fun for me as it is for children when we can meet and talk for a few minutes.

So what is it in me that created such a surprising love? I suppose in each of the children's eyes I saw a wonder and a hope that I found wondrous myself. It didn't matter if they were asking for a list of toys or for the healing of their mother. They looked to Santa as one who knew who they were and cared.

There were also some very big surprises along the way. Not all children come asking for things. Some came in with very incredible requests, and some came with heart-breaking hopes. I often meet children who have stories that bring me to tears. There are many.

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Santa Kevin (Vin) moved to Portland, Oregon while in college. He married his wife, Jody, 48 years ago. Along the way he and his wife have spent their lives and fortunes raising a whole passel of children: 15 of them to be exact (2 born to them, 13 adopted, many with special needs). They were a homeschooling family since 1984 and are now residents of SouthWest Michigan.

He combined his love for children and the mystical joys of Christmas as he played the part of Santa, a most revered character anytime of year. It was a natural for him.

Santa Kevin Haislip was recognized 'Father of the Year' by Dallas, Texas YMCA & the State of Texas Legislature in 2007. He is a published author with 3 photography books (one of them now a collector's item among guitar collectors), an autobiographical book of how God moved in his family titled ‘Promises Kept;'a wonderful book on the things children say to Santa, titled, 'Conversations With Santa;' his latest book, 'Help Santa Hunt for Christmas Treasure' and three and a half decades as an advertising and editorial photographer at the Oregonian and other magazines. In addition, he has published daily devotional emails since 1989.

Name: Kevin (Vin) Haislip

Personal: married to my wife of 48 years, and 15 children (really! (2 born to us, 13 adopted)

Mixed Emotions: moved to Texas after living on the Columbia River in Oregon. What would you do?

Cars: have owned 5 Jeeps, a bunch of vans, and an AMC Pacer
















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