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Santa's Secret is really no secret at all...

Many, many years ago when I was just a young boy, I learned of a family in my town who was in great need. The man's three daughters needed dowries to be married, or they would be sold into servanthood. It just didn't seem right to me that I had so much & they had so little. So under the cover of darkness & when no one was looking, I took gold coins over to the families home for the daughter's dowries.

I learned how important & good it is to give to others secretly. When someone receives a gift without knowing who gave it to them, there is a much greater appreciation of it because they know that others have seen their burden and determined to help them. For me, there was enormous gladness of knowing that I had done something really really good for someone that I didn't need to be recognized for.

Learning to give to others secretly is a wonderful thing everyone of us can do: boys & girls, men & women. It takes a little practice at first trying, but in time, you will become very alert as you listen to what others need. Often times, it will take great creativity to find just exactly what they need.

It is the season to remind ourselves of why Santa does the things he does, why he became a secret giver to others in need & why we should learn from his example & live it all year around!

Santa's Hope is the fulfillment of our dreams & the lessons lived every day in Santa's Hope!






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